Looking After Your Greyhound's Dental Health


Just like in humans, a greyhound’s dental health is vitally important.

Here’s some tips for you to consider:

•  Dental disease in Greyhounds is very common. There are published studies that identify Greyhounds as a breed with a higher risk of dental disease.

• Dental disease is caused by numerous bacteria that live in the mouth and their interaction with the host immune system

•  Just like in us humans, dental disease can be very painful for your greyhound. If your greyhound has poor dental health you might find that they are not keen on engaging or participating in activities.

•  The best way to prevent dental disease and improve your greyhound’s teeth is by brushing their teeth every day. Tooth brushing can be started in young pups and just like with human children, the earlier they start, the easier it becomes.

•  Dry dog food will slow down the progression of dental disease as the dog has to crunch the food and this is helpful for their teeth.

•  Soaking dry food makes it wet and sticky and more prone to stick to the dog’s teeth so keep this in mind when considering your food choices and dental health routine.

•  Bones can be effective in reducing dental disease but they can cause problems like obstructions, broken teeth and conflict amongst kennel mates

Importance Of Maintaining Good Greyhound Teeth

We chatted with Dr Nora Schwitzer who tells us all about the importance of maintaining good greyhound dental health.



How to brush your Greyhound’s Teeth 

If you want to get your dog used to toothbrushing but don't know where to start, this video is for you! Dr Nora Schwitzer, a Vet & Vet Dentist, shares some really helpful tips on getting your greyhound used to toothbrushing. She shows how you can get your greyhound used to a toothbrush and build their comfort and familiarity with a toothbrush until they are happy for you to use it to brush their teeth. This video was produced for the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust's Dental Health Awareness Month to help you learn about maintaining good dental hygiene in your pet Greyhound.