Qatar george looking for his forever sofa

Qatar George Pet name: (George) DOB: 10/04/2019 Black Male George is 71lbs, He is 69cm tall. George is good with kids of all ages. George does not like small dogs or cats. George would be suited to a family where he is the only pet.

Curious raider looking for home

Qatar Raider (Raider) is 75lbs,height 72cm ,he is good with children not with cats and small dogs. No known injuries.

Nosie Enzo looking for a home

Pet Name: Enzo Race Name: Ravenswood Enzo Earmark: VK XJX Weight: 31kg Temperament/ Personality: Enzo is a really friendly dog who loves attention. Temperament around children: He has never been around children. Temperament around small and large breed dogs: He has never been around small breed dogs but is great with other greyhounds. Temperament around cats: He is not good with cats. Why he would make a great pet: He’s very affectionate and loves his cuddles. He’s playful and is always happy out. He would be a great addition to a household. Medical history: No previous race injury or any illness.

Beautiful busty looking for home

Race name: Burrow Busty Pet name: Busty Date of Birth: Weight: Busty is a friendly affectionate dog. He gets on well with other dogs and is fine with children.

Swallow looking for a new couch

Greyhound Race name: Chasing Swallows Age: 4 Pet name: Swallow General Temperament: Swallow is a relatively calm dog. She is not great around small dogs but fine around big dogs. Her temperament around children and people in general is excellent. Greyhound medical history: No injuries, not on any medication and is in very good health. General Personality: Swallow is a very friendly, placid and good-natured greyhound. She loves meeting new people and loves nothing more than receiving cuddles. She is a great eater and is extremely clean.

Flash looking for a new family

His name is Ossian Flash Pet name: Flash Sex: Male DOB: October 2018 Height: 74cm - Weight: 33kgs Colour: Black Flash is a 4 year old mature dog, likes attention from people and gets on great with other dogs. No known injuries.

Crakl looking for a nice sofa

Five Alley Crakl Pet name: Crakl DOB: 10 Sept 2016 So placid, lively in the mornings but loves his sleep and his comforts. Great around children, no issues with other dogs.

Shy Tara looking for a home

Lingrawn Tara (Tara) Black – Female Born: 01/01/2018 Tara can be a bit nervous around people she doesnt know at first but once she gets to know them she gets on great with both adults and children. Tara also gets on great with other greyhounds and other breed of dogs. Tara is very relaxed in her home environment. Tara is fit and healthy following his racing career. She is approx 62 pounds in weight.

Nice Ned looking for a home

Racename: Nedthecooper Name: Ned DOB: 01 March 2019 Colour: black Sex: male Weight: 32 kgs/ 72 pounds Ned is a lovely easy-going boy. He has a naturally shy going nature until he gets to know you. He is very comfortable & happy once he has grown to know someone. He loves walks and then is happy to relax. He would suit a relaxed home where he can have time to get to know you. Ned is good with other breeds of dogs both large and small. Due to his shyness at first, he would be best suited to older children approx 12+.

Brilliant brian looking for a home

Racename: Carrigoe Brian Pet Name: Brian DOB: 22/05/2019 Brian is a very beautiful calm boy who is good with all dogs and kids according to his owner. Brian is currently being prepared for rehoming, please fill in an application form if you are interested in adopting him

Brilliant bob


RaceName: Weight and sea

Petname: Bob

Weight: 35kg


He is a black and white greyhound. His earmark is TXJNV.

He has a beautiful relaxed temperament and is in no way aggressive towards other dogs or people.He is not destructive in any way and is very gentle and laid back and very easy to handle.

He is well adapted to children having been walked, fed and petted and patted by our two young grandchildren who are mad about him.He is very friendly towards other dogs and was reared with two Springer Spaniels.We have no cats so he has no experience of cats.

He would make a very suitable pet as he is very well socialised,affectionate and gentle with people.He loves to be hugged and petted.

He has always been very healthy and loves his food.He picked up a wrist injury in June 2021 but recovered very well and is now injury free.He is also very clean in his kennel.

Whoever gets Bob should be very happy with him as a companion

**currently being prepared for rehoming**

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