Nominate IRGT to receive a £1000 donation!

You can support Irish retired racing greyhounds this winter by nominating IRGT to help us win a £1000 donation. The more nominations we receive, the more chance we have of winning!

Simply click here: Movement for Good - Nominate a charity for an award, scroll down to the nomination form, and enter IRGT’s charity number:20034849 along with your details – it’s free to nominate!

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Record rehoming in 2021

2021 was a record year for retired Irish greyhounds adopted with IRGT support. Over 2000 of our gorgeous retired greyhounds found a new home and started their new life as a pet!

Irish Retired Greyhound Trust

Retired Irish greyhounds have been adopted as pets throughout Europe, the U.S and in Canada as well as here in Ireland by families, single adults, couples and pensioners including those with small dogs, cats and more.

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