The Greyhound Care Centre

The Greyhound Care Centre has been set up to promote and help ex-racing greyhounds find their forever homes as pets for families across Ireland.

At this centre, Greyhounds are helped make the transition from racing on the track, to being welcomed in a new family on their retirement

Located near Timaru kennels, Croom Co. limerick, this facility also offers a place where families hoping to adopt a greyhound can visit the centre, sit on the couch in the unique visitor room and meet the greyhound that they have been matched with to see what a fantastic addition a greyhound will make to their family

We can arrange for an appointment to visit the Care Centre following the completion of an Adoption Form and a home check has been completed and approved.

For further information on Greyhound Adoption or the Care Centre, please contact the IRGT on or phone 061-448089.